5 Food Experience To Have In Nepal Before You Die.

Nepali Thali Set

Nepali Thali

Nepali Thali set is the first thing you should try in Nepal. We frequently eat Nepali Thali as breakfast and Dinner. It is a set of steamed rice, lentils soup, vegetable curry, meat curry and salads. The dish looks amazing and every Nepalese mom loves cooking it every morning and evening. If you are living with a Nepalese host family, expect that you are going to get lots of rice and curry every day. We call it “Dal Bhat” which is Lentils and Rice. We have a very famous quote: “ Dal Bhat Power 24 hours”.


Momo in Nepal

Mo Mo and Chow Mein

Mo:Mo and Chow Mein are two very famous kinds of lunch. Mo:Mo is like dumplings consisting of vegetables  or meat wrapped with white flour. You can order varieties of Mo:Mo in Kathmandu valley like vegetable, chicken, buff, Paneer,fish and more according to places. M:Mo has different cooking styles, you can ask for steamed,  fried, chilly or Kothey. Kothey Mo:Mo is half fried and half steamed. ( Foreigners enjoy this a lot. I had so many guests who went to eat Mo:Mo for the last time before they leave to the airport )


Chowmein in Nepal

Chow Mein are stir-fried noodles recognized as a Chinese dish but widely found in Nepal. You can order your Chow Mein fried with vegetable and meat. Local Nepalese mostly drink different soda with mo:Mo and Chow Mein.




Dhido and Gundruk

Dhido is a sugar free and nutritious meal. It is made by continuously stirring corn flour or millet flour with boiled water. We take a piece of paste flour ( Dhido) and dip it into lentil soup or meat curry and swallow it. Dhido is also eaten with Gundruk. Gundruk is a fermented and dried leaf vegetable usually made up of spinach or radish leaf. Every year around 2,000 tons of Gundruk in household level are produced in Nepal. In winter season some families also put Gundruk in lentils and make soup out of it.  Pickle Gundruk is supposed to be one of the best in Nepal.


Khaja set

Khaja set means lunch set. Most people working in offices eat khaja set. This is also one of the popular lunch items. In this set, you can add food according to your wish. You will usually get some beaten rice, fried soya beans, cooked chickpeas and potatoes, radish pickles and salads. Along with that you can add different meat, egg, fish, peanuts, vegetable curry and more.




Sel roti

Sel roti is rice bread similar to doughnuts, traditionally made in homes and it's sweet in taste. If you areSel roti in Nepal around any Hindu temple, you will find a sweet shop nearby where you can get Sel roti. After worshipping god in temples, people usually eat vegetarian food which includes potatoes, Sel roti, Naan roti and vegetable curry. In Dashain and Tihar festival families make lot of Sel roti and it’s given to guests. If people are visiting their relatives, they usually carry Sel roti as souvenirs.





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