8 signs you are born and raised in Nepal.

Niti shah Nepalese are one of the kindest people in the world. If you are traveling and you are lost. Local will be always there to help you with every possible way they can.
  • Namaste

  Namaste is formal Nepali way of greeting. We press both our hands together, palms touching and fingers pointing upwards, close to our chest. Namaste means “ I bow to the divine in you.” We use Namaste for saying “Hello” as well as for “Bye” but nowadays we mostly use “Hello” with our colleague and say Namaste to elders and foreigners. Namaste also has a great importance in Yoga and Meditation.  

  • Shake our head

  With beneficial neck exercise, the easiest way we find is shaking our head to  express “Yes” and “No”. Shaking our head up and down means we agree or we are saying yes, moving from left to right ( Vise versa) means we disagree. Most of the time, together with shaking our head we also say the world “Yes” or “No”. Many foreigners I have met find it interesting and confusing at the same time.  
  • Eat Dal Bhat

  The first food a baby eats after mother milk is “Rice” in Nepal. In between 5-6 month after the baby was born, we have a ceremony called “Pashni- Rice feeding ceremony” where we feed rice pudding to the toddler. The journey with rice start from that day and will continue till death. The regular Nepali meal consist of Rice, lentils, Curry and Pickles which you can find as daily breakfast and dinner. Many people also use leftover rice from breakfast as lunch. If we do not get Rice and Lentils soup for a week, we might react in crazy ways or get sick. We have a popular saying in Nepal “ Dal Bhat powers 24 hours”. Dal Bhat means Lentils and Rice in Nepali.    
  • Watch Bollywood  more than Nepali Movies

  We have a very big number of Bollywood fans in Nepal. There are several times me and my friends have skipped our classes for Bollywood movies which we have rarely done for our own Nepali cinema. We don't have Netflix in Nepal but due to internet and Tv cable connection we can stream more than 100 different medias. In the evening after dad finished his daily Nepali news, we jumped to get the remote control to switch it to Bollywood and of course most of the time brother and sister are not friends while someone's favorite show is going on and another missed his/her.    
  • Living with parents until and after you get married

  Being raised in Nepali culture, it’s not weird for me to say that I will be living with my parents even after I will have my wife and children. Nepalese men usually get married at the age of 25-26 and girls at the age of 20-22. When there is a marriage, girls will move to their spouse and live together with him and his parents in same house. With reason like distance jobs or not enough space in the house, couples move out from their parents´ house but living together with parents is seen  as a nice and happy family.    
  • You stand for your country

  There are things like corruption, poverty, political instability, etc which makes the country unstable. Nepal has never been colonised by any other country and there are still stories about “Bir Gorkhali” around the world. For our country, we always stand together like in the recent Indian border close for several months. We are always proud to be Nepali and praise our rich culture and traditions, festivals, beautiful himalayas, food, colors and history.    
  • Being fat is good.

  If you are skinny and traveling to Nepal, then your Nepali host family will always offer lots of food and encourage you to get some fat, knowing the fact people are working out  to get thinner  in European and Western Countries which is supposed to be an attractive element. Being fat in Nepal means you are from a well fed family. If you are skinny, your friends will have more than 100 humorous jokes for you. One of my favorite is “ Friends holding skinny friend to protect him from blowing away with wind.”  
  1.     You will try to be fair tone.

Nepalese people have mixed faces, some look like Chinese, Indian, Mongolian etc. We have less percentage of white skin and more brown which make us attracted towards white skin. We can find different products in every stores which claim to make us whiter after regular use for some months. Naturally, it doesn't work and if it does then you will look white brown weird.  
Author: Sujan Pariyar
Sujan Pariyar is an engineering student | Founder of inxchan.com | Charity adviser | Author | Director of Innovative social centre and Budhanil guest house.
Sujan has more than half a decade of experience working with charities, he encourages people towards humanitarian work, and support social good organizations. His recent foundation inxchan.com help people to experience humanitarian, spiritual and adventurous program around Nepal.
If you are traveling Nepal and have any question. Email him at inxchan@gmail.com

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