Amanda Slavin

Amanda Slavin

amanda-slavinCEO and Founder of CatalystCreativ. Speaker. Advisor. Writer. Avid Traveler. Philanthropist.



1. Have you ever felt down in your life and used travel as a way to place everything aside for a moment so that you might return to it with different or new perspective?

Yes, when I was in NYC for years, and didn’t take a real vacation without answering emails for 4 years, I decided I would go to India for 10 days with no technology.  This experience changed my life and my perspective. I was once told by a cab driver in NYC that everyone has an angel inside them, it sometimes takes traveling to foreign places for the angels to come out, and I thought that was a very poetic way of looking at travel.  Travel has had a profound impact on the way I operate and function in the world. 


2. How often you travel for yourself and for Business Ambition?

– I travel very often for business Ambition, (about 100,000 miles a year).  I would like to travel more often for leisure, but I try to take a few days during my business travel and make it more about leisure than business. 


3. What countries have you traveled and what’s your favorite thing about traveling?

I have been to India twice, Spain twice, England twice, Panama, The Bahamas three times, Antigua, Mexico, Poland, UAE three times, Israel twice, France three times, Barbuda, Canada three times, Armenia, and a few more but I can’t remember off the top of my head! Traveling to me is life. I cannot imagine living my life without travel.  Traveling opens up my heart and my mind and allows me to connect with people and cultures from all over the world. My favorite thing about traveling is everything.


4. Have you ever made any important entrepreneurial or business connections while travelling, which opened up doors to you that would have otherwise never appeared?

Yes.  I have made numerous business connections from group trips to Israel and Dubai as well as England and I have depended relationships with whoever I travel with. 


5. Whats makes travel important for everyone?

-I believe that traveling is the most important investment.  There is nothing like an experience where you get outside of your comfort zone and learn about yourself by learning about the world.  The more you travel, the more you get access to different parts of yourself that you didn’t know existed. 


6.If you have ever traveled to Nepal before or desire to do so in the future, what is your inspiration to do so?

-My friend Dan Fredinburg had a sweet spot in his heart for Nepal, so that is the reason why I would travel there; to pay homage to him.