Countdown has started for the biggest festival of colors ( Holi)



Holi Festival this 2017

Falgu Purnima is festival of colors. This festival bring community together, strengthens the relationship of love, harmony and brotherhood. This color festival is celebrated for devotion of “Parlhad” to God “Vishnu”. As Holika( Aunt of Parlhad) had a boon that she would not be affected with fire, she tried to trick Parlhad to burn him. However, due to deep devotion of Parlhad towards God Vishnu, he was unaffected by fire where Holika got burnt for using her boon for wrong purpose.

In Nepal, Falgu (Holi festival)  starts a week ago, where people throw water balloons on people. On Falgu Purnima (Holi festival), people through colors on each other. These days, many groups of people decorate their faces with different colors and walk around the city cheering for the festival. People look so colorful and there are junctions like in Basantapur and Patan where thousands of people come from different parts of Nepal to celebrate the festival. There will be people with handful of colors, singing and dancing. Festival looks amazing and you might want to take lots of pictures but be sure that your camera is protected cause people from the roofs might through water on you. In Valley it is celebrated on March 12 where in Terai region people celebrate at 13. The city will be with amazing vibes of color and excitement. If you are visiting any area be sure that people will come to color you and might take happy selfies too!


Volunteering Nepal



Sujan Pariyar

Sujan Pariyar is Founder of | Director of “Innovative Social Centre” | Charity and travel adviser | Author | SEO expert | Social entrepreneur. He write about Entrepreneurship, humanitarian work and travel. His foundation Inxchan provides an unique volunteering and traveling opportunities in Nepal. Inxchan is one of the active organization working for benefiting  children, women and community of Nepal.



Volunteering Nepal



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