My first day in Nepal, here’s how it was.

my first day in Nepal, inxchan

After a 16 hour travel I finally landed on Kathmandu airport at 6am, local time. I went throw all the controls and visa application procedures and got out, where an army of taxi drivers was waiting. After I managed to let them understand that someone was already picking me up I found Sujan , my host, who was waiting for me. He welcomed me with a scarf (which apparently is a tradition to show greetings to guests) and we got in a car.
The traffic was... well... it's hard to explain if you have never been in an asian country. There are no real rules apart from common sense (and not in the same way we understand common sense). Both vehicles and pedestrians just make their way throw the way they can, permanently horning to warn the others about their presence. Oh, and also there was a cow just chilling in the middle of the main street that we had to avoid.
Cows at the middle of the road
Once we arrived at the house the children welcomed me with charming hugs and smiles. 12 incredibly happy and active kids that made me feel at home from the very beggining. They share the house with a whole family (like it's usual in Nepal): Sujan , the main head of the project, his parents and his grand-parents. All of them really kind and charming. The volunteers stay in a guest house which is one minute walk away from the place.
We went upstairs to have breakfast and I met two Chinese girls that have been volunteering here for one week already. They kindly offered to show me around and I gladly accepted. For breakfast we had rice with curry, potatoes and vegetables (I believe I will have to get used to spicy curry rice for breakfast) and when we finished we brought the kids to the main road, where the school bus was waiting to pick them up.
Once the children left Sujan and the Chinese girls walked me to my new room and I could take a nice shower before leaving to Thamel (the touristic centre of the Kathmandu). We took the "bus", which is actually a van in which they managed to fit about 20 people and we got out after 15 minutes in the centre. After I changed some money and got a Nepali sim card we went exploring. Many roads are not asphalted so there is quite a lot of dust and many people wear masks in the main streets areas. There are small humble businesses everywhere that sell everykind of typical products from Nepal and hiking and trekking material. Also many restaurants and touristic agencies. The thing that got my attention the most was the electric wiring. Better see the picture to understand. And it works!
Messy electric wire in Nepal
We sat in a restaurant where we enjoyed a lassi and some mo-mo (nepali refreshing drink and typical dish, similar to chinese dumplings) for less than three euros each. After that we headed back to the children's home to take a small nap before the kids arrived from school at 5. We spent the time playing games and getting to know each other for a couple of hours and then we all did a meditation session guided by Sujan just before dinner time, when we also ate curry rice.
After dinner was finished everyone left to their rooms to get some rest for the next day.

Pokhara peace pagoda, sujan pariyar

Hi, I am Sujan Pariyar founder of Inxchan | Charity and Travel adviser | Author. Also known for starting Meditation and Yoga picture as a travel trend. For 5 years I have taken responsibility of the Children Home Nepal as a director. As the organization has grown, the need for volunteer assistance on different projects I am running has also grown. With Inxchan i am trying to get your involvement to support children home, Monastery and other projects we are involved with. If you are interested in volunteering abroad with children and have passion for humanitarian work then we are looking for you.

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