Inspirational Interviews

Importance of Traveling


I am Sujan Pariyar, an engineering student and social entrepreneur. In my experience working full time with a welfare charity, running our guest house, managing an online handicraft business along with continuing my studies in Civil Engineering, life can sometimes start to feel a bit rushed and even suffocating regardless of if the projects are maybe small or “just” local.

It’s after one of these long days that meditation with our children at Children’s Home Nepal can be just the relaxation I need to restore my balance.  Also, spending time in our guest house meeting the new travelers and hearing their travel stories always recharges my inspiration.

There are time in life where we feel quitting everything and living somewhere else where nobody disturb us. In our continuous work-a-day lifestyles, we often seek for solace outside of our routines. Traveling to foreign lands teaches us resilience and restores our life and motivation. The perspective we gain as travelers awakens our inner strength and excitement for life.

Here, i present you some interview on “Importance of Traveling “, hope it will lead you to different perspective of life and motivate for traveling.

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