Tara Byrne

Volunteer nepal, inxchan, monastery nepal,nepal,children,volunteer,orphanage, Tara ByrneTara Byrne, connector, social entrepreneur, and cross-sector partnership expert, is the founder of Under 30 Changemakers– a community of over 1500 social entrepreneurs, whistleblowers, inventors, and coders who are creating solutions to the world’s biggest issues. She supports those who lead movements for change, providing facilitated emotional and mental support group and mentorship by leading social impact professionals. She has initiated over 50 global cross-sector partnerships for non-profit and for-profit collaboration. Tara envisions a connected world where young changemakers can live, work, and learn anywhere that helps them grow into an intentional global leader.

Thanks to “Tara Byrne” for sharing her thoughts and meaningful time. Tara have amazing spirit, since the first message with her, she has been so responsive and she wants to help everyone she can.  She has been an inspiration for me and thanks to her greatness that she will be helping “Inxchan.com” as an advisor.

1. What countries have you traveled and what’s your favorite thing about traveling?
–  I’ve traveled to Mexico, Canada, all of the Caribbean, and Spain. Not nearly as much as I’d like to outside of the US. I’ve visited almost all 50 states in America though.


2. Do you have any stories on your life that you have ever felt down and used travel as a way to place everything aside for a moment so that you might return to it with different or new perspective?
–   No, I remember when I was young and telling my mom I wanted to travel she told me I should run away from my problems. I disagree because I think travel teaches us so much about ourselves that it doesn’t feel like running. When I want to gain a fresh perspective I try to look inward instead of changing my environment. Although sometimes changing your setting is exactly what you need to grow.


3. Have you ever made any important entrepreneurial or business connections while travelling, which opened up doors to you that would have otherwise never appeared?
–   Yes, I remember traveling to Austin, TX for NEXT Conference for young entrepreneurs and meeting some fantastic people in that group who changed my perspective on business. They opened doors for me about how I could grow my community and I felt like I could tackle bigger issues in my business. I ended up cutting out projects that weren’t taking off and focusing on what was really working, which was Under 30 Changemakers.


4. Why do you think, every one should travel ?
–    Travel is so important for your self-growth. It allows you to expand your awareness of what’s possible while increasing your humanity. It pops the bubble of comfort and makes you change, usually for the better. Travel, especially when it’s going wrong, reveals your dark sides and what you still need to work on within yourself.


5. If you have ever traveled to Nepal before or desire to do so in the future, what is your inspiration to do so?
–  I’ve never visited Nepal before but it’s been at the top of my list for where to travel ever since I learned about the festivals there. Nepal has always seemed like an extraordinarily spiritual and sacred space. I’ve always wanted to meet the people there and get to hear their stories. It’s such a different culture than the one I’ve grown up in.


6. What is ” Under 30 changemakers” and what message you want to share for better world?

–  Under 30 Changemakers is a community of 1700+ social impact leaders, or what I like to call Millennial Misfits who take an alternative but intentional path to life. We offer a mix of emotional/mental wellness with support groups and professional development with education partners, mentorship, coaching, etc.