Volunteer Abroad

Volunteer Abroad

Volunteer in Buddhist MonasteryNepal Monastery Volunteer

  • Teach English to monk children in our Buddhist Monastery. Volunteers will be responsible for teaching 2- 3 classes per day. Volunteers can teach different subjects to monks as per your expertise. You will be provided with 2 meals which includes rice, lentils soup and curry. Volunteers will be provided a shared room with other volunteers. Read More





Medical Internship Abroadmedical internship abroad

  • Volunteer / Intern in a government hospital of Nepal. Our hospital elective program provides international medical students with internships in different departments of medicine. Interns will be working in a hospital for at least 6-8 hours per day, 6 days a week. Saturday is your weekend. Read More




Volunteer Abroad Animal

Volunteer abroad animal

Volunteer with streets dogs abroad. Our volunteer mostly help with medical treatment of streets dogs. Volunteer will help on building dog shelters, help on distributing food, help on survey, administration work and most important helps on neutralizing so they can't have babies. Find More

Volunteering Abroad

Volunteer Abroad

So, you have decided to Volunteer Abroad?

Volunteering abroad is an unique opportunity for gap year students looking to get new experience in a different country or you can also say for those people who want to give back to vulnerable people around the world. Being born in a developed country there are things we take for granted which are a dream for some people. Every day we encounter news about hunger, war, unemployment, illiteracy, etc. which inspire us to work for humanity but some news we ignore as we feel we can't do anything about it.

Your volunteering abroad is one strong step to create the society we always wanted.

Volunteer Service Abroad


Voluntourism in Nepal - How to give back on your travel?

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