Two week volunteer and travel

 Volunteer in Nepal and also explore the country.

Join our 2 weeks volunteer and travel program.

A Humanitarian, Spiritual and Adventure experience living in Nepal like a local. Getting out of all the

Volunteer Nepal

Here’s How Inxchan Works?

depressing working hours, studies, bills. Making positive impacts on others as well as your own life. A new destination for your life where you can enjoy being yourself, making new friends, living with a new family, enjoying new culture , learning new language and traditions. 

Our team will be there to pick you up from the airport. From the airport you will be taken to our “Budhanil Guest house” where you will meet other volunteers who have also signed up for the program.


Note: During your first week, you will be volunteering on a daily work of  Children Home Nepal ( A School) in the morning and evening. Assisting on homework, teaching computer skills, teaching English/language, playing games, inventing fun programs like singing, drawing, dancing, cooking food or anything you would like.


1st week

On the first day we will take you for an orientation walk in the community area, show you cultural sites, temples, introduce you with typical Nepali breakfast, lunch and dinner.

On the second day volunteers will get an introduction class about Nepali culture and short Nepali language course.

On the third and fourth day you will visit cultural sights of Kathmandu, Nepal:

  • Pasupatinath temple
  • Boudhanath
  • Kathmandu Durbar Square
  • Monkey Temple

On the fifth day , volunteers will be hiking to “Shivapuri National Park” which is about a 2500 meter high hill. Volunteers will be able to enjoy bird watching, the waterfall and you will meet nuns at the monastery ( at 2000 meters) and you’ll see a view of Kathmandu valley from above ( which covers the view of Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur) .

Sixth day in volunteers will visit Thamel ( area with the most popular tourist hotels, shops, restaurants, Nepali souvenirs) and spend time with children of “Children Home Nepal ( helping poor, underprivileged and orphaned children with food, education and shelter in a family environment).”

Seventh Day is the Bollywood movie experience. A different way of watching a movie where you can enjoy lots of dancing and drama. It is always a fun and new experience for travelers to see people cheering for the actors, whistling in good scenes, singing along with the songs and even dancing in theaters.

Between 1st & 2nd week you will also learn to make

Volunteer Nepal

2nd week or 4 days in Monastery

Volunteer Nepal Volunteer Nepal

A week or 4 days in the Monastery. For the upcoming week or 4 days you will be staying at the monastery learning about Buddhism, meditating with Monks, attending regular morning and evening puja, teaching English or language class for small monks, spending time with them, helping with cooking in the Monastery, clearing your mind and learning more about yourself.

You can choose between nuns and monks monastery. The idea of being in a monastery is to realize your potential, meditate, give up negativity, win over anger, jealousy and a way to find the idea about the next step of life.

Last 3 days: Paragliding

Volunteer Nepal

The flight will be in Pokhara, Nepal- 150 km from Kathmandu. After you finish your monastery program, you will be visiting Pokhara (famous for mountain views, lakes, temples, paragliding and a fresh and quite environment) .

For the travelers joining our Volunteer and Travel Nepal Program, we offer Paragliding services at the end of your stay. Paragliding is one of the popular adventure sports in Nepal. You will be flying around 25-30 min. After the flight you will get recording of the experience on CD.


Program Fee: $600 USD

(Inclusive 2 week program- registration, volunteering, hiking, sightseeing, donation, monastery experience,  paragliding, accommodation, meals, airport pick up & drop off)

-Sponsorship of a poor child from the rural area of Nepal for their education over a time period of one year ( Currently we are sponsoring 10 children for education and aiming to sponsor 100 by 2018 )

– Assistance in Children Home Nepal who cares for poor, orphan and underprivileged children. Helping them to make their lives better.

-Support with food, education, clothes, books, medical expenses , fun trips to the children as well as to monks.

-Support for reconstruction work of world heritage sight by visiting.

-Boost up to local handicraft projects.

-Jobs to local guides and support to economy of Nepal.

 Whatsapp: +977-9843719599