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Nepal Monastery Volunteer Program

Volunteer Nepal Monastery

Nepal Monastery Volunteer “is a spiritual volunteering project offered to International volunteers looking to learn about Buddhism and to find the purpose of Life. We have acknowledged that there are many volunteers around the world assisting in construction work, community welfare programs, animal care, organic farming , Children’s home and more but they are not getting the soul experience they were looking for. We provide volunteers with an opportunity to live a simple life with  the monks of our Monastery as they help with education. We aim to provide volunteers with a unique opportunity to connect to a spiritual side of themselves which is unreachable in everyday life.


Volunteer Nepal Monastery

Volunteer Nepal Monastery

Teaching Yoga

In the early morning at 5am volunteers will open their eyes to a Gong sound played by the monks to wake every one up in the monastery. If volunteers want, they can also wake the small monks up and help them get ready for their regular puja. Every morning monks will worship at 6 am and volunteers are invited to join them and experience it. During the puja ( Prayers) monks will chant their mantras and  play musical horns and drums in regular intervals. For some volunteers hearing monks chanting mantra’s can be a very different and unique experience.

Breakfast follows the Prayers and then begins the 3 classes per day. Classes are divided as per the number of volunteers available. Mostly volunteers will teach English to the monks, but individuals with experience on other subjects that are beneficial may also be taught. During the day is time that you can interact with the monks. talking and getting to know them and their way of living can be fascinating. If you are curious you can also ask some questions regarding Buddhism to elder monks. If you have activities and knowledge to share you will be welcomed to teach the monks, as some of our previous volunteers have taught drawing, songs, yoga or have taken them out and about.

Volunteer Monastery Information:

Volunteer accommodation and meals will be provided in the Monastery. We do have WiFi but it is not very fast within the Monastery. Please do not expect hot water showers. Your room will be shared with other volunteers and might not be very comfortable. We do have western style toilets, but volunteers have to manage toilet paper by themselves. Just outside of the monastery you will be able to find small shops where you can find regularly needed items such as soap, toilet paper, toothpaste, crackers or soda.

Volunteering in Nepal Monastery can be a very rewarding opportunity that will give you the feelings and unique experience you wanted to get out of volunteering. As you will be teaching monks English, you are also adding a new layer to someones life. Within the monastery, monks mostly study Tibetan. Interaction with international volunteers and getting more information about the world can benefit the young monks to widen their horizons and expand their world view.


Application Process:

  • Please send us an email on:
  • Please send us a copy of your resume /CV.

Application Fee: $100 USD

–  Includes $50 for paperwork and booking of your spot and next $50 for airport pick up and drop off.

Program Fee: $150 USD per week

–  Includes a shared room in Monastery

– 2 times meals per day

– 24 hour emergency support

– WiFi

– Volunteering Certificate

– Program donation


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