Volunteer in Nepal review

Volunteer in Nepal

Danielle Challand

The moment I walked through the door I was attacked by hugs from the kids and was greeted by a chorus of "hello new sister!" Every morning and night I ate with the family, sitting at the table with the kids as the women sat cross legged on the ground serving rice and constantly asking me if I wanted more. My days where spent getting the local point of view as we toured temples and ate traditional food. It was a unique, authentic experience that I can not recommend enough.
Volunteer in Nepal

Liora Ingram
United Kingdom

The time that I spent at Children’s Home Nepal was honestly the most unforgettable experience and the hilight of my trip. Sujan and his family are so incredibly welcoming and the children are all so bubbly and such great fun to spend time with! I really did feel like part of the family and eased into the routine of daily life; mealtimes as a whole family eating Mommy’s home made dhal baht, meditation with all the children in the evening, homework and playtime after school and fun outings on the weekends and school holidays to local temples, the fairground and ice cream trips! Managing a household of 12 children is no easy task and I really felt that the help that we volunteers were able to provide to Sujan and his family made all the difference and I know that I always have a place in Nepal to call home!

Volunteer in Nepal reviews

Nitisha Agrawal

I had the privilege of spending a few days at Children's Home Nepal, in Kathmandu through my experience with World Packers.
It was truly a memorable experience as these kids are really a happy and well behaved bunch of kids. What struck me most was the routine that they follow and the amount of hard work they put in to get through the day.
Obviously very humble of their presence there. And they sure know how to engulf the volunteers with their love and playful games. From the moment, I walked into their home, they embraced me as their sister.

They are serious about their school homework and each of them has a wonderful dreams. You can't help but fall in love with their innocent and mischievous faces.
My compliments to the Pariyar family who are doing such a wonderful job of taking care of these beautiful souls and also teaching them the right values.

There is everything in that house - music, dance, games, meditation and of course delicious food!

I would recommend this experience to any volunteer who is looking for a completely and overwhelmingly beautiful experience.