Voluntourism in Nepal – How to give back on your travel?

Voluntourism in Nepal

Voluntourism in Nepal – How to Give Back?

Nepal as a third world country needs massive support to overcome the poverty level affecting education, unemployment, agriculture, transportation and more. Prince Harry visited Nepal after the devastating earthquake to work in reconstruction activities himself, that is an example of how the right use of voluntourism can help the country in a more meaningful way.

In fact, Nepal is one of the most famous volunteer destinations. Thousands of people arrive in the country every year with the aim to support humanitarian causes and to explore the unique culture that the country is offering.

Before signing up a project you should be aware of the country´s needs, what problems the organization is solving and be clear with yourself if you are passionate about the cause you are going to support . Be specific how your skills will support them to add value to their work and your physical involvement will be needed a lot, not only raising funds. It is recommended to  connect direct with the programs rather than going through an agent. Take the time for a proper due diligence to ensure program or organization are legitimate.

Voluntourism In Nepal

With the magnificent natural beauty of lakes, mountains, landscape, breathtaking adventurous programs like bungee jumping, white water rafting,climbing the top of the world ( Mount Everest) and with the simplicity and kindness of people, Nepal has always been a country of interest for many people around the globe. “Voluntourism” has been a new way of traveling in Nepal for more than a decade now. While traveling the country and exploring amazing places, people can support and help out in local community organizations along their way. As a reward, they might get free or cheap accommodation and food, but in any case they will get unforgettable new experiences for their lives and incomparable insights into Nepali culture.  Helping at street animals care, women empowerment programs, assisting in disabled care, reconstruction programs, medical programs, teaching monks english, working at organic farms are only some of the famous volunteer projects available in Nepal.

How to give Back?

The country is in need of better education, technology, medical support, job employment, awareness about hygiene and most demanded is still reconstruction.

Participating on Bagmati river cleanup program with locals, assisting at women empowerment workshops producing handcrafts and teaching self defence, assistance in birth control of street dogs, physiotherapists support at Disable care are some volunteer projects you can join around Kathmandu for example. Out of valley, your involvement with local schools in English classes or support on stationery or sponsorships for learners are considerable workplaces. Even a laptop documentary workshop in rural schools can be a very new and exciting thing for students. Awareness of female menstruation, safe pregnancy and women trafficking are also important projects to get involved with.

After the devastating earthquake of 25th April 2015 reconstruction projects of schools and homes in rural areas are one of the highly recommended volunteer works. There are many people who haven’t got any support with a proper shelter. Many children are out of school by not having classrooms. Active organizations like Innovative Social Centre, All hands,inxchan.comMaiti Nepal, bring thought to action and sang-sangai.org can help you with projects to give back to Nepal.


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