Giant Catnip Mice

The Happy Pet Giant Catnip Mouse is made of felt with a colourful feather tail and stuffed with premium catnip. The soft body is gentle on your cat’s teeth and will not harm it. However, you should be aware that it is not indestructible. It may break, so be prepared to buy a replacement at some point. A good option would be to add this mouse to your furniture order.

GIANT CATNIP MICE with a rattle and catnip

This giant catnip mouse comes with a bell and catnip. It’s the perfect size for batting around the floor. It is also coated in soft fake fur. It’s the perfect toy to encourage your cat to hunt.

Spots Shaggy Plush Mouse

The Spots Shaggy Plush Giant Pet Mouse is a fun catnip toy for your cat. It comes in several colors and comes with a rattle. Cats will love the toy because it’s the perfect size for them. It comes in a 4″ size and is filled with catnip.

Happy Pet Giant Catnip Mouse

Happy Pet Giant Catnip Mouse is a soft and fluffy toy made of felt, with a colorful feather tail. It is stuffed with premium catnip and is soft and safe for your cat’s teeth. It will keep your cat entertained and will make your house a happier place.

The mouse is seven inches long, and its long tail can be tossed around to keep your cat entertained. This toy comes with a refillable catnip tube, which is great for entertaining your cat. Make sure to supervise your pet while playing with this toy, and replace it when it wears out.

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