How to Choose a 2 CM Ring Diameter For Your Finger

The first thing to consider is the band thickness of the ring. The ring band is generally a thicker and heavier material. Therefore, you should choose a thicker band for the ring to give a more substantial look to your finger.

Choosing a ring with a thicker/heavier band

One of the main considerations when buying a ring is the band width. Thinner bands are typically more feminine while thicker and heavier bands are typically more masculine. Choosing a ring width is an individual preference and will vary depending on the person’s lifestyle and habits. Men with active lifestyles may want a thicker, more durable band, while those with less active lifestyles may prefer something a bit thinner and less obtrusive.

The thickness of the band will also be influenced by the type of metal used. For example, gold and silver are softer metals and will wear and bend easier than platinum and palladium. On the other hand, platinum and palladium are more durable metals. If the size of your hand is small, a wide band may be too bulky for you. On the other hand, a thick band may complement your finger.

When choosing a ring, make sure to buy a size that fits the ring finger you’re planning to wear it on. Thicker bands will feel tighter around the finger, and you might need to go a full ring size up to make sure the band fits properly.

While most people use a ring size chart for measuring their fingers, these are often inaccurate. String and paper will stretch differently than a metal ring. And your finger will also be larger when you wake up or consume alcohol or salt.

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