Places to Go in Perryton, Oklahoma

There are many great places to stay in Perryton, Oklahoma. You can find one that will meet your needs and expectations, whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. Make sure to find a hotel that has amenities that will meet your needs and make your trip enjoyable. Some of these amenities may be free breakfast, a gym, or a casino.


The Perryton County Commissioners Court meets once a month to govern the county. It is responsible for several functions, including authorizing contracts and overseeing municipal affairs. Its meetings are open to the public. Many major decisions are made at these meetings. Here’s a look at some of the topics it deals with. In Perryton, you can attend the meetings or submit a written comment about a current issue.

The Perryton County Commissions Court is comprised of four commissioners and one county judge. They are elected by qualified voters from the county’s four precincts. Each commissioner has their own duties and responsibilities. The Commissioners Court also exercises budget authority over all county departments.

COMMISSIONERS’ COURT of Ochiltree County

The Ochiltree County Commissioners’ Court met on Monday, June 27 in the county courthouse. The meeting lasted about seven minutes. The commissioners approved a contract with Purple Wave Auction Company to sell a Ford Expedition used by the county’s Constable’s Office. This content is restricted to subscribers.

The commission’s report was filed before the court. The county judge appointed three commissioners to hear the case. They met with both parties and heard evidence. At the conclusion of the hearing, they filed their report with the county judge. The petitioners appealed.

The appeal was filed by Oscar C. Flowers, who lost the election to Bony Cook. The appeal was heard by the COMMISSIONERS’ COURT of Ochiltree County. He argued that the election was invalid. The court agreed with the appeal.

If the majority of the voters voted against the prohibition, then the petitioners’ case is essentially in limbo. They could be facing a difficult election. Unless they can prove a majority of the votes in Ochiltree County, the election may be called off.

The Ochiltree County Commissions’ Court consists of a County Judge and four Commissioners. This body is the policy-making body for the county and is the final arbiter of all county departmental budgets. It also sets the county property tax. The commissioners are elected for a four-year term.

In addition to the proposed regulations, the proposed ballot does not mention the amount of alcohol in the beverage. The liquor definition for Ochiltree county is 4 percent. In order to see whether a particular beverage is less than 4 percent, voters must look elsewhere in the Liquor Control Act.

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