Places to Go in Zearing, Iowa

There are several places to visit while visiting Zearing, Iowa. These places include Dakins Lake, the Prairie Rail Trail, Lincoln Township Mausoleum, Sparrow 40 Horse Hitch, and Lincoln Township. If you are planning a vacation to the area, these are some of the most popular attractions.

Dakins Lake

If you’re looking for a place to go in ZEARING, Idaho, you’ll want to check out Dakins Lake, a recently expanded 103-acre park north of town. It boasts a 20-acre lake that’s stocked with bluegill, channel catfish, bass, crappie, and perch. The area is also a great place for outdoor activities, like hiking and boating. The lakeside park also hosts a summer festival called Zearing Days. During this festival, the community offers great food and family fun.

The city was incorporated in 1883 and currently has a population of 528. It was named after William Mitchell Zearing, an Illinois judge who donated a church bell to the town. The town is known for several outdoor activities, including fishing, hiking, and camping. Dakins Lake is a popular spot for outdoor recreation and camping, and the community hosts a three-day Zearing Days celebration.

Prairie Rail Trail

There are several places to visit in Zearing. If you’re a fan of hiking, you’ll enjoy the 10.5 mile Prairie Rail Trail, which connects Zearing to McCallsburg and Roland. The trail is easy to access and provides a peaceful setting. The trail also allows you to bring your leashed dog. It’s important to note that you will need a State Park Pass to enjoy the trail, and we recommend you get a map to help you find your way around.

If you’re a cyclist, you can join the Registers Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. The route runs from the Missouri River to the Mississippi, and has twice passed through Zearing. If you’re looking for a great day of cycling, the town of Zearing hosts a summer festival. Zearing Days is a family-friendly event that’s a lot of fun.

In addition to biking, you can also take in the town’s history. The Little Maquoketa River Valley is filled with historic mill towns and mining towns. There are interpretive signs to help you understand the history behind these towns. The area is also home to the Little Maquoketa River Mounds Preserve, a cultural landmark.

The city is situated near Interstate 35, making it convenient for visitors to take advantage of the Praeri Rail Trail, which spans 10.5 miles. The city also has a swimming pool, which is a popular place for locals to cool off in the summer.

Prairie Trail Medical is located nearby. It is also close to Prairie Ridge Middle School and Bob Shetler Campground. The city can’t guarantee when it will open for the 2020 season, but it may be opening as early as 2022. It is not a pet-friendly facility, so bring along your leashed dog if you’re traveling with your pet. The city also reserves the right to cancel or change reservations.

Lincoln Township Mausoleum

The Lincoln Township Mausoleum, also known as the Zearing Mausoleum, is located in Zearing, Iowa. It is situated along the west edge of the Zearing Cemetery, surrounded by windbreak trees. There are many visitors who come to pay their respects at this beautiful location.

The Lincoln Township Mausoleum is located at 413 N Pearl St, Zearing, Iowa 50278, US. The site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This site was originally used for military burials. It was opened in 1918. Today, it is a public cemetery, but it is also a place of remembrance for local citizens.

The Lincoln Township Mausoleum is a National Register-eligible monument that was built between 1911 and 1912. It is unusual in Iowa for a mausoleum to be constructed of monolithic concrete. The construction style is a blend of Late Gothic and Mission architecture.

The Lincoln Township Mausoleum is in good condition overall. The terra cotta roof tiles are in excellent condition. Some mosaic tiles have come loose along the floor edge. The Lincoln Township Mausoleum continues to operate to this day and continues to accept burials. The last interment was in 1997.

The Lincoln Township Mausoleum is an important landmark in the town of Zearing, Iowa. It is one of the three towns in the Colo-Nesco School District. Its Elementary Learning Center serves children in K-4th grades. The Lincoln Township Mausoleum was recently certified as a historical landmark, and has undergone structural and cosmetic renovations. Zearing is a great place to live and visit!

The Lincoln Township Mausoleum is home to over a hundred crypts. Most of the crypts are at eye level, but there are also some higher ones. The ceiling is plastered and the upper portions of the walls are covered with marble panels. The Golly Family’s crypt is near the center of the main hall, along the east wall. The southwest room was once used for temporary burials, but has a failed roof in several places. Several pieces of plaster and debris are littering the floor.

Sparrow 40 Horse Hitch

The Sparrow 40 Horse Hitch is an enthralling replica of an old-fashioned horse-drawn carriage. Dick Sparrow, a famous horseman, and his family have taken a 40 horse hitch around the state of Iowa, USA. The team is sponsored by O’s Gold, a seed corn company. It is reminiscent of NASCAR in many ways, including the eight-man pit crew. However, rather than racing the carts at high speeds, the team focuses on performance and teamwork.

Sparrow began raising Belgian draft horses in the late 1950s. In the 1960s, he offered hayrack rides and bobsledding tours to students at Iowa State University. Later, he was approached by the Schlitz Brewing Company and asked to take a six or eight-horse hitch to Milwaukee. The company was impressed with the show and asked Sparrow to reassemble it. The hitch is nearly 40 feet long and was originally used for a parade by the Barnum & Bailey Circus.

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