Places to Go in Zearing, Iowa

There are a variety of places to visit in Zearing. These places include Dakins Lake, the Prairie Rail Trail, Lincoln Township Mausoleum, and the Sparrow 40 Horse Hitch. Whether you’re visiting the area for the first time or are a veteran of the area, you’ll find plenty of attractions to delight you.

Dakins Lake

Just north of Zearing, in Story County’s northeast, is Dakins Lake, a newly expanded 103-acre park. Featuring a 20-acre lake stocked with bass, channel catfish, crappie, and perch, this park offers plenty of opportunities to get outdoors.

The lake was built in 1950 as the site of a National Soil Conservation Field Day. President Truman spoke at the event. That same year, the first multiflora roses were planted in the area to attract wildlife. In 1959, the Story County Conservation Board began discussing a plan to build the lake.

Prairie Rail Trail

The Prairie Rail Trail is a 10.5-mile recreational path that connects Zearing and McCallsburg. It offers a relaxing setting and easy access to hikers and bicyclists. It is also accessible by leashed dogs. To use the trail, you will need a State Park Pass. Be sure to bring appropriate footwear.

Zearing is located about 25 miles west of Ames and Marshalltown and 45-50 miles south of Des Moines. The town was originally five miles north of where it is today, but was moved in order to accommodate the railroad line. Today, the railroad line is defunct.

There are many places to go in Zearing, Iowa. If you’re interested in hiking, biking, or running, you can take advantage of the numerous parks and trails throughout the area. If you’re into historic architecture, you can visit the Center Point Depot, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. You can also take part in the town’s annual Zearing Days festival. The festival features live music, food, and family-friendly activities.

The Prairie Rail Trail is a wonderful way to explore the town. The trail winds through a variety of small towns. The longest part is a 9-mile rails-to-trails course. It connects the university, downtown, and Brewery District. The trail was built through a collaboration between the city and a local development company.

Another great place to enjoy the Prairie Rail Trail is McCallsburg. This small community is situated near Interstate 35 and features the Praeri Rail Trail. The trail is easy to access from the Roland City Park. Locals love the Roland Swimming Pool, which is also located in the city’s city park. The community also features a massive rock covered in murals depicting military accomplishments.

For a family vacation in ZEARING, Iowa, a bike ride along the Prairie Rail Trail is a great way to enjoy the area’s many natural wonders. It will take you through small rural towns and quaint towns, and you will find a number of historical sites along the trail.

Lincoln Township Mausoleum

The Lincoln Township Mausoleum is located in Zearing, Iowa. Located on the western edge of Zearing Cemetery, it is nestled against a windbreak of trees. The quaint, old-fashioned mausoleum is well-preserved and has a rich history.

The mausoleum is a one-story monolithic concrete structure. It was built in 1911 and is the centerpiece of Zearing Cemetery. Its footprint is 93 feet long by 33 feet wide. The structure has several flat roofs on the sides. There are no inscriptions on the mausoleum, and the mausoleum is not open to the public.

The Lincoln Township Mausoleum is a National Register eligible structure built between 1911 and 1912. It is unique in its monolithic concrete construction, which is unusual for Iowa mausolea. The construction, done by the Iowa Mausoleum Company, combines influences of Gothic and Mission architecture. The structure is one story high and 30 feet by 90 feet.

Despite its rural location, the Lincoln Township Mausoleum is the first mausoleum in Iowa to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The nomination was made after a technical consultation conducted by William C. Page and the trustees of the mausoleum. Although the mausoleum had not been included in any previous cultural resources survey, the technical advising network determined that it met Criterion C and therefore qualified for listing on the National Register.

The Lincoln Township Mausoleum was built after the founding of the town of Zearing in 1881. It is situated on the north end of Pearl Street, bordering the town on the north. The crypts are stacked in four rows, one above the other. There is a marble ledge at the base of each crypt.

George Borton passed away on March 31, 2019. He was a father and grandfather. He was a member of the American Legion Post and Bethel United Methodist Church in Zearing. He enjoyed playing golf, reading, and gardening. His family and friends will miss him dearly.

Sparrow 40 Horse Hitch

The Sparrow 40 Horse Hitch is a unique piece of agricultural history and is the only of its kind in the world. It was developed by draft horse expert Elmer R. “Dick” Sparrow in the 1970s. Sparrow became a nationally known draft horse trainer and revived the 40 horse hitch in Milwaukee in 1973. Since then, it has become one of the city’s most popular attractions.

The Sparrow 40 Horse Hitch will be part of the Zearing Days parade on July 30. If you would like to see it in person, you can purchase a ticket for the parade. You will have the opportunity to ride in the horse wagon. It will be a great experience for you and your family!

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