Spicy Egg Recipes and Black Truffle Salt

Looking for a great way to spice up your meals this summer? Try adding a hint of black truffle salt to your food! This salty treat adds a hint of flavor to any number of foods, from appetizers to main courses, and even desserts. Here are just a few of the many recipes with black truffle salt that you will be able to enjoy this summer!

black truffle salt

First, you’ll need to make a batch of French fries. For these easy recipes with truffle salt, you’ll only need coarse kosher salt and regular table salt. Using coarse kosher salt will ensure that the flavor of the oil and the breading is more robust, which is what makes it so well-suited to both the classic flavor of French fries and the lighter taste of other foods such as fruit salad or vegetable salads. Using a fine grade of table salt will also help to lock in the natural flavors of the oil and the breading. Either way, your meal will end up being wonderfully salty and delicious!

Another easy recipe using black truffle salt is to create a batch of potato salad. Combine softened cheese, chopped tomatoes, mayonnaise, and olive oil in a medium bowl. Stir until the ingredients combine thoroughly, then add some sea salt to the mixture to help draw out the flavor. Once the cheese has melted, add the other ingredients and mix well. It’s a pretty straightforward recipe that should result in a delicious meal that is both tasty and salty!

Pommes frites are another one of those classic French dishes that people simply can’t get enough of. If you enjoy fresh, lightly-seasoned popcorn with a bit of truffle salt for an added kick, then this is the recipe for you. Combine softened butter, flour, salt and cream in a skillet. Once the butter is melted, add your popcorn and let it cook until it pops. While the popcorn is cooking, prepare your sea salt and freshly popped popcorn mixture, and mix together.

There are literally dozens of different black truffle salt recipes that you could try if you’re a fan of the seasoning. Most recipes call for equal parts of olive oil, butter, and salt, but your tastes may vary just a bit. As far as spices go, you should be aware of the classic combinations of cinnamon and cardamom, as well as nutmeg, allspice, and coriander. Some like to go with strong herbs, like thyme and oregano, while others like to keep things a little more simple with just cayenne and salt. Others still like to incorporate sugar instead of salt for a sweet touch. In fact, sugar is actually healthier for you than salt!

As with most of the recipes in this series, you can also use dried fruits in your truffle salt creations, instead of using syrup or sugar. Why? Because dried fruits contain a much lower glycemic index than most other vegetables. Not only that, dried fruits also have a tendency to retain more of their color and flavor when they are warm, so they make great additions to savory dishes like scrambled eggs. Consider also using raisins or dates in place of the truffle salt for those recipes where you don’t have time to soak up the flavor of fresh berries.

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