The Benefits of a Jolly Egg For Dogs

Getting your dog to play with a Jolly Egg is a fun and exciting experience for the whole family. This toy is designed to be durable and resistant to a dog’s bite. It’s also a challenge that will reward your dog’s hard work.

Oval shape

A dog toy that is durable and fun to play with is the Jolly Egg(tm). The oval shape of the toy prevents your dog from being able to catch it and provides your dog with a great outlet for its natural prey instinct. These toys come in an eight-inch diameter and are 5″ in width at its widest point.


The Durable Jolly Egg for dogs is designed for constant motion and is perfect for active, interactive playtime. Its hard plastic design means that your dog can’t bite it or pin it, and it’s tough enough to float in water. The oval shape also discourages your dog from gnawing on it. This toy is made for both solo and group play.

The 8″ Egg is 5″ wide at its widest point and has a diameter of 5″. This toy is made in the United States. It is highly recommended by Pet Bestro. This toy is great for small to medium sized dogs. However, make sure you supervise playtime with it.


One great way to create an interactive toy for dogs is by converting a Jolly Egg into a treat roller. This toy requires no special skills and can be made at home in less than 5 minutes. Using a drill, you can create this treat roller in the shape of an egg. You can use it with either a small or large egg.

Dogs love to play tug of war, fetch, and other games that don’t require them to sit still. While you can try this challenge, remember to wash your hands thoroughly to avoid getting salmonella or other harmful bacteria. You should also follow any other precautions when trying the trend.

A dog’s prey instinct may be triggered by the sound of an egg. Using a JOLLY Egg toy will help to channel that instinct. The toy is made of a tough plastic that will not be broken easily. This makes it difficult for a dog to grab it and chew on it, making it a great choice for dogs with active prey instincts.

The egg challenge is not for the faint of heart. It requires finesse and dexterity and a sensory challenge. Using the mouth, eyes, and whiskers, your dog will be forced to use its senses to hunt for the food inside the egg. The game will also help your pet develop a stronger sense of agency and an understanding of choice.


A Jolly Egg for dogs is a durable, water-based toy that bounces erratically and is hard for dogs to grab. Its design prevents your dog from sucking it up, and it gives them a safe outlet for their prey instinct.

A Jolly Egg is a great training tool. It encourages your dog to chase and fetch the toy. The toy comes in a variety of colours and comes in both small and large versions. They are recommended for dogs up to 40 pounds. The Jolly Egg is made in the USA and ships internationally.

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