Under Sink Bathroom Organization Ideas

To get the most from your storage space in the bathroom, you should consider what you use most often. Items like everyday skincare and makeup should be in a prime position. Other items such as regular cleaning products and supplies should be kept in the back, where they will be easily accessible. Also, store taller items like toilet roll at the back to prevent them from knocking over.

Shelf risers

When you’re putting together a new kitchen or bathroom design, don’t overlook the under sink. This often-overlooked space offers many possibilities for storage and organization. By using adjustable shelf risers, you can organize your items by size and height, importance, frequency of use, or household member.

These simple, inexpensive, and durable organizers can be placed beneath the sink or even inside a cabinet. Unlike other organizers, they don’t require any tools to install, and they can help you maximize vertical space. However, be careful when loading them. The middle portion can sag if not properly supported.

A wire wine holder is a great way to store a curling iron. You can also keep your jewelry organized with a ceramic egg container. Another option is a rubber shelf liner for tall bottles and acrylic boxes. These are great vanity-area add-ons that make the most of the available space. An adhesive hook and clothes hanger can provide a place to hang a cosmetics bag. It will also keep the bag open and secure.

Stacking drawers

Many people struggle with cabinet space under the sink because it tends to get unruly. You might have trouble finding a spare toothbrush, or you might end up buying duplicates of body lotion. Luckily, there are ways to organize this space. Using a few simple under sink organization ideas can help you make the most of the available space and keep your bathroom organized.

One easy under-sink organization idea is to use clear plastic bins. These can be purchased at the dollar store, or even online. Clear plastic bins help you organize everything while keeping it in reach. Alternatively, you can also purchase a sliding organizer. There are many varieties available online and in store.

Another under-sink organization idea is to use hanging baskets. These are handy for storing a variety of items, including dishes and pots. They also make a great storage solution for reusable paper towel rolls. They also save valuable countertop space and make finding what you need easier.

Stacking drawers are also a great way to store daily items such as shampoo and conditioner. You can also use a cleaning supplies caddy to store your cleaning supplies. They are handy and easy to carry from room to room. They also make cleaning tasks easier.


Bathroom organization can be difficult, but a caddy under the sink can help make it easier to find items and keep them organized. This simple and convenient bathroom accessory is usually made of plastic, which is easy to clean and wipe down. They are also clear, which makes it easy to see what’s inside.

This under-the-sink organizer can be narrow or full-sized depending on the size of the sink area. It is available in metal finishes and has two tiers for maximum vertical storage. This bathroom organizer for styling tools also helps organize wires that can easily get tangled under a sink. The styling tool organizer is designed with three compartments for hairdryers and includes a basket to store extra hair products. It can be found in a variety of colors and comes in metal and plastic materials.

A caddy under the sink can also be used to store cleaning supplies. The bottom shelf can accommodate items up to five inches tall. Another great option is a lazy suzan type organizer, which can keep sponges and dish soap organized. Another useful storage solution for rags is a black caddy with an elevated bottom shelf that slides out over the mat under the sink.

Stacking baskets

When it comes to under sink organization, you can do so in various ways. There are a number of products available, and choosing the right one for your particular situation will depend on your needs. The type of organization you want to create should be large enough to fit under the sink, and it should have a storage area that you can easily access. You might also want to choose an organizer that has a pullout drawer or a turntable for easy access.

If space under the sink is at a premium, you can choose a modular bin system. These stackable bins fit on top of each other, which allows you to store more items on the same shelf. Another option is an expandable organizer designed for cabinets under the sink. These are a great way to keep cleaning supplies out of the way, and they make it easy to find what you need. You can even set these units on the counter for easy access.

You can also consider a lazy Susan for your sink. These are great because they look stylish and can hold items up to 5 inches tall. Another type of lazy susan is a good place to keep sponges and dish soap. Clear acrylic apothecary jars are also great for storing everyday items.

Clear plastic bins

The space underneath the sink can be a mess. You might be struggling to find a spare toothbrush or body lotion. There are easy ways to organize this space. One option is to use clear plastic bins to hold cleaning products. These bins can be stacked so you can easily see what’s inside.

If you don’t have a space under your sink for a traditional cabinet, you can use a sliding cabinet organizer. These cabinets come with rollers that make them easy to slide out. When selecting a sliding caddy, be sure to measure the space underneath the sink so it fits properly. These organizers are useful for bathroom, kitchen, and laundry rooms.

Another easy under-sink organization solution is to install shelving. This will expand your storage space and prevent clutter. Since plumbing and pipes can interfere with normal shelving, it’s a good idea to invest in specific shelving that fits under the sink. The best type of shelf for under-the-sink is two-level, which won’t take up much space and still give you access to everything.

Another great option is to use magazine racks under the sink. They’re perfect for holding aluminum foil, Saran wrap, sandwich bags, and magazines. You should make sure that your under-sink storage bins are stackable and labeled. Adding tension rods to the racks is also a great idea for spray bottles and compact shelves for aluminum foil.

Magnetic strip

If you want to organize your kitchen, you can install a magnetic strip near the sink to keep your knives and other small metal items organized. A small strip should be placed on the side of the sink, but can also be concealed to save space. Moreover, you should make sure to choose a location that is easily accessible but still hidden.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, you can simply use a steel sheet to create a magnetic frame. Afterward, attach several small round magnets to it. Once these are attached, you can hang various objects on them. Another easy way to organize small items is by using adhesive magnetic strips.

You can also use magnetic strips on walls and doors for additional storage. The strips can be mounted under wall cabinets, on the backsplash, and even on doors. The magnetic strips can keep knives and other cookware safely out of reach of children. If you don’t have a magnetic strip, you can use a wall plate to mount them on.

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